torsdag 6 december 2012

Children's party: First letter of her/his name

In this kind of party it's all about the birthday child's first letter of his/her name. Everyone that are invited should dress up as something that starts with that letter. In this post I'm going to pretend that the child's name is Catherine.

Something that starts on C. For example clown, Cinderella, car, captain, cowboy or an cupcake. Or you could dress up as a person. You don't need to go extreme, you could just buy a shirt with a car on it.

Easy cooking food as hamburger and hotdog is never wrong at a child party. But another easy cooking food that aren't as usually is Swedish meatballs with pasta. The children will love it and it doesn't take time to cook. For dessert my favorite is cupcakes. It's easy to serve and the children doesn't eat to much when they just get one cupcake. Since this is a letter theme party it would be fun if you make letters on the top of each cupcake, it's very easy.

A lot of balloons will make the home to a child's dreamland. On a dinner party I usually recommend a lot of lights but on this party you replace the lights with balloons. Some flowers is always nice but it's not so important at a children's party. To have tablecloths is a must on a children's party and good table setting. Ask your child for her/his favorite colors and use table settings in this colors.

I know that everything is done on the computer these days but I think it's so fun when I get a real invitation on paper, so I definitely recommend that!

/ Your event planner

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