onsdag 5 december 2012

New Year's Eve dinner party

Are you hosting the New Year's eve party this year? Are your friends and family coming over for a fun night? Well, I'm going to get you some tips.

How to make your home to a party home:
When your guest arrives you want them to feel welcome right away. A good thing to have outside is outdoor torches. When your guest goes inside you want them to feel comfortable but still like they are at a dinner party. You should have a lot of candles and the light should be soft. In the living room the music should be turned on, you should have a table with drinks and snacks. In the living room you have to have a sitting area organized, because people will very likely want to sit and talk during the night.

Adding some glitter, gold and silver details makes the night feel more like new year's eve night. Ideas for details is napkins, tablecloths, candelabra and candles. This is things you need anyway and then it's smart to buy them with a new year's eve theme. Other details I recommend is white or red roses (or other flowers if you prefer) to set on the dinner table and then have other kinds of flowers around in the house.

On New Year's eve you mostly just sit down and eat, so the food is very important. On this night you want something that you can make a lot of without standing in the kitchen for days. My idea for first course is to serve a salad with a fruit in it, for example mango, then for main course a recommend meat and mashed potatoes with red wine sauce and when it comes to desert I think that creme brulee is the best choice on New Year's eve but it's hard to cook so a white and pink chocolate mousse with raspberries is never wrong after a big main course.
The most important thing after all is how you deserve the food. Make it look gorgeous on the plate and people will love it however it taste ;)

The end of the evening:
New Year's eve is a very special and fun night. The thing that make the night special is the fireworks. When you are standing and watching the fireworks you need something to drink! It's makes it all more social when you have a drink in your hand and it's perfect to make a toast when the clock strikes twelve. The adults could drink champagne, but if you want something a little bit cheaper rosé works to. For the kids you can buy champagne without alcohol or for example apple soda.

After you watched the fireworks it's nice to go inside and eat some snacks (nuts and chips) and play a game, SINGSTAR! You can't understand how fun it's to sing singstar late on the new year's eve night, I swear that everyone will have a blast.

/ Your event planner

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